The Lewistown Public Library has two endowment funds within the Central Montana Foundation (501(c)3 fund).  In these funds, only the interest is used by the Library for its needs.

One is a general "Library Endowment".  Its interest helps to fund library furniture, computers and software, staff training and maintenance and other various needs. The other is the "Book Endowment". Its interest, combined with all memorials and other donations, funds all of the library materials purchased each year. 

Donations, bequests, or endowments may be sent to the Lewistown Public Library, 701 W. Main, Lewistown, MT 59457 or sent directly to the Central Montana Foundation and designated for the Library Endowment or Book Fund, PO Box 334, Lewistown MT 59457.

The Friends of the Lewistown Public Library also is a 501 (c)3 organization. Donations and bequests can be sent to the Lewistown Public Library, 701 W.Main, Lewistown MT 59457 and the funds will go directly to the Friends.

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